durango database design

Your site is only as good as your data.

Most website owners know their data inside and out – it is the very heart of their business. However, finding a well managed home for that data, and how best to use it, is a different story.

At WSM, we’ll help you decide on the smartest way to store your data for not only your website needs, but your business needs as well. We don’t believe in needless duplication.

We can design a traditional relational database in MySQL,PostgreSQL,SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server, FileMaker or Oracle, or help you move your data into The Cloud with NoSQL databases at Amazon, Google and their offspring. We can even move all your data into a completely unstructured search engine format.

Once we’ve designed your database, we’ll take that extra step to help you manage, secure and BACK UP your data to make the most out of it for your business.

How can WESM help you manage your data?