JavaScript Quick Start for VisualIDX Hotsheet

In the ‘head’ section of your page…

Then wherever you want the Visual IDX Hotsheet to appear on your page


The VisualIDX Hotsheet tool is intended for those pages where you’d like to display a targeted list of properties that have specific features.

For instance, Hotsheets are a great way to display just your listings, or just listings with certain features like Virtual Tours, horse properties or certain price points.

Possible options are…


All options can be called as querystring parameters in addition to being specified in an options object.


…is equivalent to…


Show all listing from Agent 1234 in the past week

…and then this in the body of your page where you want the QuickSearch to display.

Show all Residential listings with Price between $1,000,000 and $1,500,000.

…and then this in the BODY of your page.

Display only listings from Office 123 that have Virtual Tours.

Place this in the HEAD of your page.

…and then this in the BODY of your page.