You need a powerful web presence for every property, and for every owner. And you don’t want your best properties getting buried in the mix of all the other properties for sale.

Our SEO Flyer solves several problems for you. First, our VisualIDX SEO Flyer creates a beautiful Flyer-style display of a single listing. This highly customizable display allows you to custom design a printable flyer for you or your buyers.

Second, our SEO Real Estate Flyer uses the latest SEO techniques like Structured Data, Twitter Cards, OpenGraph and our own methodologies.

Then we hand-submit your customizable sitemaps to Google and Bing, and monitor the indexing process as it progresses.

The result is a set of pages that get buyers to your sellers’ properties faster, and generate more leads for you.

See the VisualIDX SEO Flyer Documentation page for details and help on implementing this product.


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