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Website in a Day

Website in a Day
Website in a day for – $999

Want to update your current website? Need a new one all together? Need it soon??? We can build your website in a day!

We meet with you or your marketing designer and determine the scope of the website you wish to build. Then we schedule a full day where we are all together with appropriate materials in the same room, and we bust out your website in a day! Saving all parties the tedious and inefficient back-and-forth of the design process… saves time, energy and gives you the website you want!!

  • 1 year of free hosting
  • Mobile friendly design
  • Easy to update templates
  • Hand crafted by local designers

Call 970-259-1128 or email sam@webservicesmanagement.com to learn more

The not-so-fine print:

Obviously we cannot build Facebook in a day… but for the average business owner we can build a 5-7 page WordPress template in a day. The big caveat is that the website decision maker, needs to be present for the process to work. Our team works along side you and with your input we build the website you want in a day! Additional work is billed at our standard hourly rates unless otherwise negotiated.