Durango Website Design services in Durango, CO and Southwest Colorado WSM has decades of experience in web design and building web applications. We can design from the ground up, or tweak your existing site using responsive, W3C compliant techniques and technologies. We are a ‘mobile-first’ and ‘seo-always’ company, meaning we design responsive websites that look great on the smallest of screens. Our other top priority is generally SEO – there’s no point in having a great website if no one can find it. Then we move on to security, performance and (last but not least) design, in that order. We work hard not to let Design be the shiny object that distracts us from a solid website. At the same time, we understand the design and user interface concepts that separate a world class website from ‘everything else’.


We’re based in Durango, Colorado and can meet and discuss how to meet your Durango website design needs.  This individual service is great if you need web design in Durango, but we develop sites and apps for anyone with an internet connection!


We prefer the simplest options first, and despite the push towards content management systems, we will still recommend basic HTML/CSS sites for some clients. Given that, we’re extremely well versed in programming for a range of content management systems. We find WordPress is a great fit for most small businesses, but we’re also well versed in other open source CMS’s like Drupal. Additionally, we’re happy to work in SquareSpace or other 3rd party platforms if you prefer. Additionally, if you’re happy with your site, but just need it refreshed for modern technologies and a CMS, we can help.

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