VisualIDX Kiosk - A kiosk solution to capture foot traffic and keep advertising after hours. For Durango and Southwest Colorado
VisualIDX Kiosk is the only CREN-approved kiosk (window-display) available.Potential buyers walking past your storefront can see a rotating, customizable list of your properties pulled directly from MLS data.

Visual IDX Mobile for Durango, IDX for Southwest Colorado and Albuquerque utilizes the internet's Cloud to deliver speed and dependability.

Cloud Powered

We’ve utilized the power, performance and dependability of “The Cloud” to bring you speed and stability not found with past IDX systems. Our Mobile tools pull data and images from trusted cloud sources.

VisualIDX Kiosk automatically pulls from your CREN MLS listings in Durango and Southwest Colorado

Automatic Updates from your MLS

Our Kiosk pulls listings automatically from your MLS system, so no more maintaining multiple databases of listings just to have a storefront display.

VisualIDX Kiosk helps you capture foot traffic in Durango and Southwest Colorado

Capture Foot Traffic

Passers-by will see a rotating list of properties in your front window, or any other place you want to display a kiosk ( conventions, malls, etc.).

VisualIDX Kiosk lets you keep advertising after closing time

Advertise after hours

Let your clients know you’re working hard for them. 24 hours a day and 7 days a week their listings will be cycled through your Kiosk display.

VisualIDX Kiosk is customizable for the properties YOU want to display

Customized Display

We’ll set the Kiosk up to display a custom list of what YOU want to display. Just like our other search tools, you have a high level of control of which listings are displayed. Want to display all your listings over $600,000 with granite countertops and irrigation, AND USING YOUR COLORS AND LAYOUT? – No Problem!


See the VisualIDX Kiosk Documentation page for details and help on implementing this product.

See what our Kiosk can do for you!