About Us

We opened the doors of Web Services Management, LLC in March of 2011 to serve a growing need for quality web services in Durango, CO and the greater Four Corners area. Since then we have grown our list of services and clients to include some of the most highly trafficked websites in the area.

Sam began his career in Internet Marketing and Sales as an outgrowth of his work at The Durango Herald in 1996. The Durango Herald created a department to meet the web needs of its internal departments as well as its advertising clients. So WebDurango.com was born. Sam acted as the Online Sales Manager and then as the Director of Online Services. With a background of Sales and Business Management, Sam specializes in customer service and satisfaction.

Nathan started building web sites while still at The University of Texas in 1995. He worked for a few years at a small software company in Austin, TX where he grew his knowledge. When he and his (now) wife moved to California in 1998, Nathan began taking contracts in Silicon Valley during the boom years where he eventually served as Webmaster for companies like Globalstar and Toyota. After traveling for several years, he and his wife landed in Durango, CO, where Nathan soon took over as Webmaster for Webdurango.com, and thus his business relationship with Sam was born.

Today WSM is working with a handfull of highly qualified staffers to meet the needs of the community.

We are here to serve the community and beyond, and we want you to know that “We are dedicated to YOUR success!”

Sam Rose &  Nathan Morris