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Our VisualIDX Packages

We start with a powerful Real Estate listing search tool, and then add featured listings, powerful SEO tools, and Social Media syndication to create targeted leads for your Real Estate business.

Don’t Forget Our Powerful VisualIDX Add-On Tools

Ready to take your IDX integration to the next level? Take advantage of our powerful IDX add-on tools.

* All Data Feeds = Active Listings, New Listings, Contingent Listings, Sold Listings & New Construction

Mobile IDX Solution - responsive phone and tablet

Generate more Leads from your website and social media with our powerful IDX and MLS Services.

Which VisualIDX Package are You Interested In?

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All Packages include the following:

Included 1 hour setup

We’ll spend up to an hour with you or your webmaster to get our tools installed, optimized and customized for maximum benefit to you and your business.


Powerful SEO

We’ve spent years engineering our tools to maximize the SEO value of the Real Estate listing data you’re paying for. We work hard to make sure your site, not ours, gets the benefit.

Wordpress Plugin

Our easy to use, easy to install VisualIDX WordPress Plugin makes installation and customization of our tools even easier. Our plugin provides a WordPress-friendly abstraction layer that’s always 100% compatible with our Javascript toolsets.

Free bug fixes and updates for life!

As long as you’re a subscriber, we’re there to help you get the most out of your web investment. We’re constantly improving our existing tools, and adding new tools to the suite. You’ll have access to all new features (package dependent of course) and for the life of your contract.


Is it hard to install the VisualIDX tools?

Our tools are simple to install. Just a few lines of Javascript inserted onto any pages is generally all you need. We also offer a WordPress plugin that makes installation even easier.

What kind of website technology do I need to use?

The VisualIDX Tool Suite is compatible with any modern web technology. Our tools are compatible with all modern Website creators like WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Joomla etc. But rest assured, our tools will also work great with simpler technologies like straight PHP sites, or even pure HTML!

Do you iFrames to embed your search tools?

We never use iFrames. Our best of breed technologies keep users and SEO juice on your site. We feel like iFrames are cheating, as they don’t serve the best interests of the clients, and are generally only used by companies that don’t understand how to do it ‘right’.

Do you limit the amount of traffic or leads?

Nope. We want you to be successful, so we don’t place any limits on the amount of traffic or leads that can be generated through your site.

Do you also build and mange websites, or do I have to find someone else to handle that?

Web Services Management is a full service web management company. We can help you do everything: finding a domain name – building the perfect site – integrating VisualIDX – optimizing SEO – tracking leads and traffic to grow your web presence – securing your networks – establishing hardened email systems – etc. etc. etc.

Can you help me set up VisualIDX on my website?

With every VisualIDX package, we offer a complimentary 1 hour setup. Ideally you’ll provide us temporary access to your site and we can customize the setup to your preferences. Alternately, we can work with your existing webmaster, and provide them the Javascript code or WordPress shortcodes to implement the tools on your site.

What other steps are involved in setting up IDX on my website?

In addition to working with us, you’ll need to work directly with your local MLS to sign the necessary paperwork and pay any required fees to them. We can help you with this process if you need assistance.

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