visualidx real estate listings Need a classic, fast, comprehensive IDX search tool for your site? Our VisualIDX Classic is one of the FASTEST tools on the market. Search TENS of THOUSANDS of listings in under a second, then display them in a clear, easy to read and easy to sort format.


Visual IDX for Durango, IDX for Southwest Colorado and Albuquerque utilizes the internet's Cloud to deliver speed and dependability.

Cloud Powered

We’ve utilized the power, performance and dependability of “The Cloud” to bring you speed and stability not found with past IDX systems.

Accurate IDX mapping

Hyper Accurate Mapping

Our proprietary geolocation algorithms are some of the most accurate in the industry. We do multiple calculations and searches to determine the most accurate location for a given address. We’re not perfect, but close!

detailed geo mapping Durango IDX

Detailed Geographic Information

Your buyers can dig deep into the geolocation information. With a locator map, street view pictures, and detailed directions, your buyers can find the property fast.

Custom IDX implementation icon

Multiple Implementation Methods

Our system works fine with iFrames, but we also offer a convenient and more modern Javascript implementation method.

VisualIDX offers customizable shortcodes for endless possibilities

Customizable ShortCodes

Create customized views for getting your clients to certain groups of properties fast. Let’s say you want to have a custom landing page for people looking for high end homes with granite counters and horse properties, you and your staff can build a customized view to display just that.

VisualIDX Classic IDX for Durango, Southwest Colorado and Albuquerque is mobile friendly

Mobile Friendly

Don’t have a mobile website, but want your website mobile ‘friendly’? Our VisualIDX Classic IDX tool is fully functional on smartphones and tablets.

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