idx posted to twitter page Having an active social media presence is no longer optional if you want to stay competitive! But who wants to spend precious time on multiple social sites manually posting about your current listings? The VisualIDX Social Feed automatically syndicates your listings to Facebook and Twitter about your current and sold listings with lots of available customization on where, what, and when you post.

   IDX Social SEO IconImportant for SEO

Search engines no longer just look at your website when deciding how connected you are on the web. Linking your site with established social accounts lets them know that you have a significant web presence. But just setting up an account and linking to it isn’t enough. You need frequent, unique posts that link back to your site and drive social user engagement. Having redundant content on a loop isn’t fooling the social users or search engines. VisualIDX Social Feeds are dynamically generated from your current listings, so they are always fresh and drive user engagement.

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Facebook Gallery Display

VisualIDX Social Feeds take advantage of Facebook’s gallery display, which lets us put several images from your listing that the user can browse directly on their Facebook wall. This keeps users more engaged and more likely to click though to the listing on your website, which is right where we want them!

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Twitter has an active user base and continues to be an important outlet for reaching potential customers.  VisualIDX Social Feed automatically syndicates your listings to Twitter, which keeps your feed fresh, helps retain followers, and drive traffic.

IDX Social Customization IconCustomization

Want to post your newest listings on Tuesdays and Saturdays?  Post your most expensive listing daily around lunch time, when everyone is taking a Facebook break?  Show off your sold listings as they are sold?  The combinations of what listings to post and when are nearly limitless!  We’ll work with you to help accomplish your social media goals and post what you want, when you want it.

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Sold Listings

Syndicating your sold listings to Facebook and Twitter is an easy way to show potential customers that you mean business.  Showing off your sold properties as they are sold sends a strong message that you can move real estate.  This builds confidence with potential sellers that you will quickly sell their property too.


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