VisualIDX Classic

JavaScript Quick Start

Put the following Javascript in the HEAD section of your page.

…and then this code where you want VisualIDX to display in the BODY…

Note – Be sure and replace “yoursubdomainprovidedbywsm” with the actual ID provided to you by WSM, it will be something like ‘wsmrealty’
The above code will validate that the client’s browser has a valid Flash version 8.0 or greater, and if so will insert the VisualIDX Mapping tool in the DIV supplied DIV at 940 pixels wide and 600 pixels tall. The header with your logo will NOT be displayed (TOP=NO), and all property types will be displayed. The above code will default to our VisualIDX Classic tool if no suitable Flash player is detected, or if so specified in the options.


Possible Parameters for the Options Object


All options can be called as query parameters rather than being specified in an options object.


…is equivalent to…


When a new user signs up to use the Visual IDX Map Search Tool, an email notification will be sent to your Company Email on file. The Spreadsheet will be updated and has further information on the use of Visual IDX. The name of the Spreadsheet in your Google Docs is ‘Visual IDX Leads’. You can rename the spreadsheet (for example, at the end of each month) and the next time information is sent to the Spreadsheet, a new “Visual IDX Leads” Spreadsheet will be created. Click on an email address in the Spreadsheet, and a small icon will appear on the left which will open your email program. You can download your Spreadsheet and import it into any other contact management program.

Your Visual IDX can be further customized by request to Web Services Management. Further customizations include: –Initial Region –Company Name –Company Email –Company Website –App Color –Leads Spreadsheet Access –Logo for the main page (up to 495 pixels wide by 45 pixels high, jpg) –Logo for the Printouts (1080 pixels wide by 168 pixels high, jpg format)


°For creating custom map searches to embed into any existing web page, use the HTML code tab via the access password provided to you by WSM. Note that Visual IDX should be sized at a minimum 800 pixels wide by 520 pixels high (minimum 1024 pixels wide by 650 pixels high recommended).

°If you select only one MLS using the Search Links, Visual IDX will automatically open the details view of that MLS listing. If you would like to create a custom link for a single MLS listing that automatically opens in Details view, type in a single MLS number in the Property Search tab, press return, then copy and paste the resulting link in the Search Links tab.

°For Search Links, you can select multiple attributes in the drop down boxes. For example, to search for all the listings for two agents, just select the first AgentID, then the second AgentID. For a list of Agent and Office IDs, or for more information, contact Web Services Management at [email protected]

Show all listings with Agent ID of 1234. Display both the Mapping tool and Classic tool with a toggle button to switch between.

First the JavaScript – typically in the HEAD portion of your page.


…and then in the BODY of you page, where you want VisualIDX to display.