Almost half the traffic on many realty sites is coming from mobile these days. Are you ready? WSM offers a suite of Mobile Solutions for you. Whether you need a turnkey mobile website, or just integration into your existing mobile site, we have the tools for you.


Visual IDX Mobile for Durango uses the internet's Cloud to deliver speed

Cloud Powered

We’ve utilized the power, performance and dependability of “The Cloud” to bring you speed and stability not found with past IDX systems. Our Mobile tools pull data and images from trusted cloud sources.

Accurate IDX mapping icon

Hyper Accurate Mapping

Our proprietary geolocation algorithms are some of the most accurate in the industry. We do multiple calculations and searches to determine the most accurate location for a given address. We’re not perfect, but close!

detailed mapping info

Detailed Geographic Information

Your buyers can dig deep into the geolocation information. With a locator map, street view pictures, and detailed directions, your buyers can find the property fast.

VisualIDX Mobile for Durango and Southwest Colorado lets you know your own location as you search for properties.

Location Awareness

Not only does our Mobile mapping feature find the properties you want fast, but it tracks your location as you move as well.

IDX implementation icon

Multiple Implementation Methods

Our default implementation uses JavaScript libraries and JSON remoting, but we also offer a PHP and XML solution.

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